The Franklin Johnston Group is composed of one of the most experienced multifamily teams in the U.S.  The leadership team brings to the company decades of combined experience in the industry.
Wendell Franklin
Chairman & CEO
Tom Johnston
Chief Development Officer
Taylor Franklin
President & COO
Steve Cooper
SVP of Development
Dave Jester
Executive Board Member
Cherie James
Chief Financial Officer
Chris McKee
President of Operations
Charles H. Mixer II
VP of Information Technology
Bill Harrington
Senior Vice President – Property Operations
Matt Hacker
Portfolio Manager
Matt McBroom
Portfolio Manager
Sandi Duvall
Vice President – Property Operations
Career Opportunity
Portfolio Manager
Rhonda Mixer
Vice President of Development, Debt & Equity Manager
Murray W. Kirk
Director of Design & Construction
Chris Beckwith
Vice President of Marketing
Marie Peace
Vice President of Compliance
Christen Faatz
Vice President of Operations
Marnie Bentley
Margaret Reinhardt
Portfolio Manager
Gloria Harrison
Vice President – Business Management
Rian Cuthriell
Human Resources Manager
Kathy Johnson
Accounting Manager
Kathy Johnson
Diana Cruz
Portfolio Manager
Stanika Rowson
Victoria Maston
Oxana Iabanji
Bea Pearse
Craig Dorler
Development Accountant
Blake Huffman
Property Accountant
Career Opportunity
Courtney Strait
HR Generalist
Heather Watson
Software Specialist
Stefanie Franklin
Software Specialist
Ashlee Hill
Compliance Specialist
Dee McCabe
Compliance Specialist
Mary Stine
Marketing Manager
Melissa Pullin
Software Training Specialist
Lauren James
HR Specialist
Stephanie Bertucci
Operations Manager
Aristio Alston
System Administrator
Kirby Baird
Operations Executive Assistant
Jennifer McCarthy
Insurance Administrator
Morgan-Taylor Miller
Marketing Assistant
Michelle Largent
Accounting Assistant
Danielle Marko
Christopher Smith
System Administrator
Ajalon Edwards
Development Analyst