W. Taylor Franklin, Chief Executive Officer, is co-founder at The Franklin Johnston Group. Working collaboratively with his executive team and cofounders, Taylor oversees company operations, new business and partnership acquisitions and new development opportunities. Taylor, along with his partners, has been responsible for developing thousands of multifamily units along the East Coast. Taylor continually drives for excellence, with a mission to uphold a distinctive brand and an unparalleled company culture. He currently serves on the Executive Board for Neptune Festival, is VP on the board of the Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic, is Vice Chair for The Virginia Gentlemen, and was past chair on the board at Norfolk Collegiate School. Taylor is also a member of the Virginia Beach Economic Development Authority. In his professional career, Taylor has held a spot on the Inside Business Power List 3 years in a row and has also won an award for Outstanding Emerging Philanthropist. Born and raised in the Hampton Roads area, and a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan University, Taylor makes it a priority to continuously support and give back to his community.