Franklin Johnston Group employees embrace the FISH book philosophy, boost morale and create a more positive work atmosphere!

Franklin Johnston Group employees embrace the FISH book philosophy, boost morale and create a more positive work atmosphere!

Community Manager at Whispering Oaks, Larry Ayers.

employeesAfter reading “FISH” I was left with the inspiration to improve on myself from an overall standpoint.  This book emphasizes the importance for team unity.  I like to use the example of fashion. Being a fashionable individual I feel each piece of clothing plays an important part of your wardrobe.  The right tie compliments the right suit, the unique cut of your pants accents the right shoe, and the right shirt defines the entire suit. I equate this formula to my job, tie representing service technician, suit symbolizing service manager shoes walking as assistant Manager, and shirt acting as community manager.  Each piece is essential in helping to make the wardrobe stand out, without each your outfit seems incomplete.  The same goes for our team. We need each piece (Manager, asst. manager, service manager, service tech) to make this company stand out. I feel the scenario of the third floor team feeling unwanted and unappreciated spoke volumes to the way some individuals within our field team.  They feel their jobs are not important and we as managers have to find the ingredients to show just how essential they are.  Fish left me wondering how I make myself better, where it helps to make the team better, which makes the organization better. This starts with looking in the mirror and adjusting our attitude and believing with that we can change the overall atmosphere of the industry.   After our meeting with some corporate executives I felt the inspiration that showed me how this will be the property management company of choice for those looking to adventure or change within this industry.  I felt the need to make sure that I play a major part in that development, and it starts at Whispering Oaks Apartments.

Whispering Oaks ApartmentsOn behave of the entire team here at Whispering Oaks Apartments.  I want to thank the Franklin Johnston group for trusting in our team to continue to excel with your accent.

A testimonial of the book FISH from Bettina Nelson, Manager at Arbor Lake

When I first found out I had to read a book for work, I was not very thrilled.  When I got home and started reading it, I made it all the way through to page 40!  It really grabbed my attention. I realized it was not just an assignment for work, but a resource I can use to implement into my own life outside of the office.  My boss Lori had a meeting with all the other managers to discuss the book and they all talked about how it affected their lives.  My leasing consultant said she also feels like she is a happier person, as a whole, from reading the book. My favorite example of what the book teaches us is that we are a reflection of how people react to us.  To sum it up, this book as a whole was very inspiring.  I felt it came at the perfect time for us all to refocus on what we do every day.

Whispering Oaks Apartments Whispering Oaks Apartments

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