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Virginia Beach, Va. – As the company he helped co-found celebrates its fifth anniversary this month, Taylor Franklin remembers that early spring day they first opened the office doors just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

Everything was new and a little uncertain.

“I knew making the leap to start our own venture would be better in the long run, but it’s been better, even faster than we imagined,” said Franklin, who today serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of The Franklin Johnston Group.

In just five short years, the company’s portfolio has gone from handling about 25 properties and 4,000 apartments to a portfolio of more than 85 properties and 14,000 apartment units stretching from Rhode Island to Florida.

With more than 400 people now on the payroll, Franklin, his father, Wendell, and Tom Johnston – all well-known industry veterans long before the company opened – can’t help but be proud of what the company has accomplished in such a short time.

“Our goal from the start was to set a new standard for modern-day apartment living, to focus on creating beautiful, amenity-rich living environments that people wanted to call home,” Franklin said. “And the reason we’ve been successful is due to our people. They’ve taken this vision and created wonderful communities for people of all ages, tastes, backgrounds and income levels.”

The Franklin Johnston Group develops and manages top-notch communities in the senior, affordable and luxury housing sectors. One of the distinguishing features of the communities the group develops is quality. Whether building affordable or luxury housing, they focus on building for the long term. Quality finishes, energy efficiency and amenities that will stand the test of time are key. TFJG doesn’t loose sight of the fact that they are providing homes for our residents.

“We’re not just building apartments– we’re building communities and places that our residents call home for one or two and often times many years,” said Johnston, who serves as the company’s Chief Development Officer. “Putting people first works. Whether it’s an affordable community, a senior neighborhood or luxury apartments, our goal is to offer more than what you might expect.”

By the time The Franklin Johnston Group celebrated its first anniversary, the number of units in its portfolio had doubled to more than 9,000 across over 50 properties. “Word spread fairly quickly,” Franklin recalls. “As we continued to grow organically by building our own communities, several strategic partners started transferring management of their assets to us, and that was really a validation of everything we had planned from the start.”

So what will The Franklin Johnston Group look like five years from now?

A new company website is up first. After that?

“Smart growth with our small group of strategic partners. We believe we’re in the top group of multifamily operators in the country, and we’ll continue to succeed by doing what we do best for and with partners that share our commitment to quality, integrity and service.”

About The Franklin Johnston Group

Based in Virginia Beach, The Franklin Johnston Group develops and manages luxury, senior and affordable housing for themselves and a select group of strategic partners. The group has more than 14,000 units and 85 properties under management in seven states along the east coast. Total assets managed by the group exceed $1.8 billion with an additional $200M worth of development currently underway. For more information about The Franklin Johnston Group, visit www/[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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